The art and design fair «Le Salon»

From 25th till 30th of September the art and design fair «Le Salon» took place in the Russian State Library in the Ivanovskiy hall. This project has been made by the Art-Courier company in the conjunction with Art & Jewels of the World.
The «Le Salon» hosted an eclectic mix of art, design and furniture from 15 exhibitors. We brought together under the same roof Titian presented by the gallery «Maison d'Art», Baranoff-Rossine and Vladimir Lanskoy exhibited by the gallery «Le Minotaure», Konstantin Korovin by the «ABA» gallery, mixed them all with Ruhlmann's furniture and put Ilgiz Fazulzyanovs's jewellery as the precious icing on the art fair cake.
The idea behind the «Le Salon» was about to make it a venue for Russian private collectors and foreign galleries in Moscow, the city of rising interest in art collecting.
During its time, the «Le Salon» has hosted over 5.000 visitors – among them art aficionados and professional art collectors, and it has received high appraisal from media as well.

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